MBA/STRATMOR Peer Group Survey and Roundtables

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(Note: In most cases, survey recipients must be survey participants.)

The Peer Group Survey and Roundtable discussions began in 1998 and are conducted jointly by MBA and the STRATMOR Group.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To create a means for participating mortgage banking companies to review their financial results in relation to their peers at semi-annual intervals
  • To offer timely data that will allow quick responses to changing business environments
  • To analyze the factors that drive mortgage business performance
  • To provide participants with a forum to discuss financial results through roundtable meetings at an off-site location

The survey is divided into several different peer groups:

  • Peer Group L: Large lender/servicer group (banks)
  • Peer Group B: Small/medium-sized lender/servicer group (banks)
  • Peer Group J: Large lender/servicer group (independents)
  • Peer Group I: Small/medium-sized lender/servicer group (independents)

The survey includes information on the following:

  • Production distribution by loan type
  • Production income and expenses (expressed in per-loan and basis points) for the following four channels:
    • Retail
    • Broker
    • Correspondent
    • Consumer Direct
  • Optional breakdown of sales versus fulfillment cost
  • Servicing distribution by loan type
  • Servicing income and expenses (expressed in per-loan and basis points)
  • Other data on technology costs, corporate administration, employment, systems used and company profiles

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