Promotional Kit

MBA is committed to helping our lender participants every step of the way. The MBA will work with you to develop a promotional kit tailored to your company to help you make your employee base aware of your participation in Path to Diversity and increase interest in your minority employee population.

Internal Promotional Ideas
Promoting Path to Diversity is easy. Most companies have a number of promotional opportunities already available:

Post flyers on employee bulletin boards, in break rooms, cafeterias, etc.

Post an article on your corporate intranet. Sample language can be found
on this website.

Use a banner on your intranet to drive employee traffic to Path to Diversity
information, including applications.

For more ideas and to begin developing a promotional kit with the MBA, contact the Path to Diversity Program Manager at MBA Education:

MBA Education
Path to Diversity Program Manager
Mortgage Bankers Association
1717 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 557-2912
(800) 348-8653