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Information on this page helps MBA members in their loan origination and underwriting activities. Mortgage bankers think of loan origination as the process of producing loans secured by real property- hence the term loan production. Loan origination starts with the marketing of a mortgage banker's mortgage loan products to borrowers, homebuilders, real estate agents, and brokers and includes coordination with every other mortgage banking department to bring a mortgage to the point where it is closed and ready to be sold in the secondary market.

Underwriting is the process of determining whether a lender should make a particular loan to a particular borrower - a process that typically involves both a credit and a property review. Underwriting involves an analysis of various risks, with an eye to producing a mortgage that minimizes such risks to the permanent investor. Once the underwriter reviews the credit and property package and determines that the applicant and property qualify for the loan, the underwriter approves the loan. Loan approval from the underwriter signifies that the loan meets the mortgage banker's and the secondary market investor's standards.

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Conforming Loan Limits

FHA/HUD: Mortgagee Letters, FHA Mortgage Limits, Forms

Veterans Administration: Circulars

Fannie Mae: Guide Announcements, Lender Letters

Freddie Mac: Seller/Servicer Bulletins, Guide Forms

Ginnie Mae: APMs, MPMs, MBS Guide, MIP#s

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