Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Affairs

Issues Update
1/26/2009 Joint Letter to Senate, FHA Healthcare Staffing
1/26/2009 Joint Letter to House, FHA Healthcare Staffing
1/14/2009 MBA Endorses Senate Bill to Reform Section 202 Program
1/9/2009 MBA Testimony, FHA Oversight
4/23/2008 MBA Policy Correspondence: H.R. 5830
4/10/2008 MBA Testimony: FHA's Role in Addressing the Housing Crisis

FHA Mortgagee Letter 2008-06: Temporary Loan Limit Increase for FHA

2/21/2008 MBA Policy Correspondence: Letter to Director Lockhart and Commissioner Montgomery on Temporary Increases in FHA and GSE Loan Limits
2/15/2008 MBA Policy Paper: Stimulus Package Increases in FHA and GSE Loan Limits
1/30/2008 MBA Policy Correspondence: Surety Bond Requirement Regarding HR 1852
7/18/2007 MBA Testimony: Modernization of Federal Housing Administration Programs
4/19/2007 MBA Testimony: Expanding American Homeownership Act of 2007: H.R. 1852 and Related FHA Modernization Issues
3/15/2007 MBA Testimony: Solvency and Reform Proposals for the Federal Housing Authority