MBA Senior Management Team

MBA President and Chief Executive Officer

David H. Stevens, President and Chief Executive Officer

MBA Chief Operating Officer

Marcia Davies , Chief Operating Officer

MBA Senior Vice Presidents

Michael Fratantoni , Chief Economist, Senior Vice President, Research & Technology

Peter J. Grace , Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President Strategy & Member Services

Gail Cardwell , Senior Vice President, Commercial/Multifamily Policy & Member Services

Bill Killmer, Senior Vice President, Legislative & Political Affairs

Thomas T. Kim, Senior Vice President, Commercial & Multifamily Policy

Pete Mills , Senior Vice President, Residential Policy & Member Services

Steve O'Connor, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Industry Relations

Phyllis K. Slesinger, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Human Resources and Legal Affairs

MBA Vice Presidents

Lynn M. Fisher , Vice President of Research & Economics

Jim Gross, Vice President of Financial Accounting & Public Policy

Lisa J. Haynes , Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Elaine Howard, Vice President of Meetings & Conferences

Teressa Jefferies, Vice President of Marketing & Design

Kenneth A. Markison, Vice President & Regulatory Counsel

Kathy Marquardt, Vice President of Commercial Servicing & Council Coordination

John T. Mechem, Vice President of Public Affairs

Tricia Migliazzo, Vice President of Member Engagement

Genearlene D. Neill, Vice President of Human Resources

Jeffrey M. Schummer , Vice President of Education Development

Marina B. Walsh, Vice President of Industry Analysis

Jamie Woodwell, Vice President of Commercial/Multifamily Research