MBA Senior Management Team
MBA staff is divided into seven groups, each headed by a senior vice president. The groups are: External Relations; Commercial Multifamily; Adminstration; Human Resources & Legal Affairs; Public Policy and Industry Relations, Legislative and Political Affairs; and Research and Education.

MBA President and Chief Executive Officer

David H. Stevens, President and Chief Executive Officer

MBA Chief of Staff

Marcia Davies , Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President, External Relations

MBA Senior Vice Presidents

Michael Fratantoni , Chief Economist, Senior Vice President, Research and Technology

Gail Cardwell , Senior Vice President, Commercial/Multifamily Policy and Member Services

Bill Killmer, Senior Vice President, Legislative and Political Affairs

Thomas T. Kim, Senior Vice President, Commercial & Multifamily Policy

Pete Mills , Senior Vice President, Residential Policy and Member Services

Steve O'Connor, Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Industry Relations

Phyllis K. Slesinger, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Human Resources and Legal Affairs

MBA Vice Presidents

Peter J. Grace , Vice President of Strategic Planning and Internal Technology

Jim Gross, Vice President of Financial Accounting and Public Policy

Elaine Howard, Vice President of Meetings and Conferences

Teressa Jefferies, Vice President of Marketing and Design

Kenneth A. Markison , Vice President and Regulatory Counsel

Kathy Marquardt, Vice President of Commercial Servicing and Council Coordination

John T. Mechem, Vice President of Public Affairs

Tricia Migliazzo, Vice President of Membership

Genearlene D. Neill, Vice President of Human Resources

Jeffrey M. Schummer, Vice President of Education

Marina B. Walsh, Vice President of Industry Analysis

Jamie Woodwell , Vice President of Commercial/Multifamily Research